Dutch elm disease can be Prevented!

Dutch Trig® is the proven bio-control vaccine for American and European Elms. Registered for use in Europe since 1992. It was extensively tested in the USA in1995 and was fully registered for use in 2005. In Canada, registration of Dutch Trig® with the PMRA was initiated in 2007. Dutch Trig® is now the choice to safeguard trees from Dutch elm disease. The elm bark beetles will no longer be deciding your elms’ fate.



The opportunity to protect elm trees from Dutch elm disease (DED) without the use of chemicals, based on the tree’s own natural resistance mechanisms is now available. Municipalities, landscape and arborist companies as well as private elm tree owners finally have a proven and affordable tool to actively and effectively prevent Dutch elm disease on their valuable elms using the Dutch Trig® vaccine.

Dutch Trig® can:

  • protect healthy elms from Dutch elm disease;
  • protect a large numbers of elms every year;
  • reduce the costs of protection;
  • reduce the use of chemicals in the urban environment;
  • minimize wounding of elms;


How does Dutch Trig® work?

The vaccine is a pure suspension of conidiospores of Verticillium isolate WCS850 in distilled water. Once injected, the vaccine induces a response from the immune system of the tree and awakens the tree’s natural defence mechanisms. Once the trees defence mechanisms is up and running throughout the growing season (an induced resistance), the elm tree is able to successfully fend off a Dutch elm disease infection using nothing but its own natural resistance mechanisms.


Method of application

The method of injecting (inoculation) has been chosen to enable the Arborist to use as little vaccine as possible, use it only on the targeted tree, ensure a direct uptake by the tree and effectively reach the current annual ring.

Application is:

  1. Safe: Not hazardous to humans or the environment.
  2. Easy: No drilling, or pressurised equipment.
  3. Fast: Application is on average 2-3 minutes per tree.


The results

Dutch Trig® is an effective preventative treatment for healthy elm trees. Injections are repeated annually because each year the new growth ring has to be treated to induce the resistance response. Any trees already infected with DED or connected with diseased trees via root grafts should not be injected as the treatments are no longer useful. In general results can be summarized as follows:

  1. Successful protection of 99% of injected elms is provided against Dutch elm disease.
  2. Less than 0.5% of all injected trees are lost to unforeseen root grafted infections or latent infection.


Current use

The vaccine is being used to treat over 25.000 trees in the Netherlands annually. Currently, about 2.500 American elms are injected every year in the Midwest and New York City, USA and the number of treated trees continues to increase. In Canada, Dutch Trig® is used in many municipalities such as:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Annapolis Royal and Sydney, Nova Scotia as well as Charlottetown, PEI. Dutch Trig® is available in the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands the central zone of Europe. For more detailed product information and distributors, please use the specific links in the menu on the left.